Your Social Media Edge

Your Social Media Edge

It’s Wednesday night. She’s home alone and bored. She picks up her phone and checks into her favourite social media newsfeed. She begins trolling, reading, viewing, liking and commenting. She begins seeing, understanding and learning.

Suddenly she’s not so bored…

Is it your posts she’s reading? Is it your information she’s learning?

So often, I hear salon owners tell me of their struggles with engaging clients on social media. Statements from, “no one has liked my posts other than my sister”, or “I haven’t had a like in 4 months” to “ I’ve given up trying“ are bandied around far too often. Does this sound familiar? 

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Contemplating what to post, when to post and how to engage followers can be incredibly frustrating and the results disheartening.

Now, let’s look at your business from the client’s perspective… She steps into your world, sits in your chair, is relaxed by your chosen atmosphere and is amazed by your product knowledge and your talent. 

Everything you tell her, she TRUSTS and BELIEVES.    You have her full attention as she hangs onto every word you tell her.  That’s right! YOUR knowledge of hair is invaluable and is the key to your success.   You help her with her hair woes, and believe it or not, she sees YOU as a leader, the expert in everything hair related and she craves learning more. 

Sadly, after clients like me pay and exit, we forget about you until the next appointment.  If you can’t engage us in this ‘in-between-appointments zone’, you’ve all but lost us. This ‘in-between-appointments zone’ should be where your social media posts are most effective.

It is during this time that your client (i.e. Me) most needs advice and updates on how to look their best and keep the secret to their youth.  Essentially, I want you to reach out to me whilst scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram on the train to work.   Make sense? 

So what makes a client hit the like/love button?

Every post I like, love or share is on a topic I resonate with.  I am actively saying ‘I like this’ and I want my friends to see that I like it and therefore, recommend it.

So… what makes your clients hit the‘like’ or ‘follow’ button?

What are your clients liking and sharing from your social media channels? What are they talking about with their friends? 

Stop for a moment and think about the people who already like your Facebook Page and / or are following you on Instagram.  It does not matter how large or small the numbers are… WHY are they supporting your salon? 

Let’s talk for a moment about the word ‘follow’.  To ‘follow’ someone or something implies there is a leader; someone who stands out from the crowd and is worthy of listening to.

Your clients already see you as the expert and leader in hair.  They have already affirmed they want to follow you.  It’s time to give them a reason to follow. 

It’s time to solidify your position and prove your expertise outside of the walls of the salon.

Stand in your power, educate and allow your clients to aspire to you.   This is how you create a true presence on social media.   

For one week I challenge you to write down every question your clients ask you whilst seated in the chair. For every question they ask there are 1000’s of individuals who also want to learn the answer.  It does not matter how trivial, silly or complex the question is.  Take notice of everything.   Take notice of your answers.  How long does it take to explain something?  Do you need to show your clients answers with pictures? Videos? Do all your staff know the answer? How is your client reacting to the answers? Do you need to explain it more than once?  Do their eyes light up when they have that ‘aha!’ moment?   

If you have series of questions and answers that can be shared through your social media, then you are on your way to having a great presence online.  If you are viewed as the expert it’s only natural new clients will come knocking on your door.

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As seen in Hair Biz Year 10 Issue 3


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