Why Us?

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Why Hairpin Digital?

My experience travelling the world as a budding architect is one of the fundamental reasons I created Hairpin Digital. Architecture!?! I here you say…

Before moving into the world of digital marketing I lived in London and practiced architecture working on prestigious projects across the world. Due to the nature of my work -rubbing shoulders with wealthy developers, other architects and consultants – it was paramount that my personal appearance was on point at every corporate meeting, lunch and social engagement.

Finding quality service providers to help me look my best was a constant challenge. I struggled to find quality, trustworthy hairdressers and beauticians and relied heavily on my colleagues to advise me on where to go. The sad reality was that my architect friends also struggled to find quality salons to provide for our necessary grooming needs.

This led me to the hard fact: In every industry, people stick to their own spheres; their own bubbles of education and friendships. Architects hang out with architects. Doctors hang with other doctors.

At the time, I had (and I still hold) the capacity to help friends find the right architect to build their home, but could not find the right hairdresser to cut my hair, because I had no way of making that connection.

This made me realise that hair and beauty salon owners suffered from a similar problem – They were equipped with a fabulous team, creative hands and expert knowledge, yet they lacked the ability to connect with their ideal client. Clients with MONEY who desperately required their services.

I started Hairpin Digital to fill the need for different industry bubbles to crossover and form these necessary connections; to give hair and beauty salons an opportunity to reach out to individuals in the corporate world; to provide quality grooming services that will ultimately make an impact on someone’s confidence, happiness and ability to perform to their peak in the day to day running of their life.

At Hairpin Digital we consistently test and challenge the way salons interact digitally to engage with their clients. Our aim is to bring more sales through salon doors and spread the word that each salon has so much more to give in society than just a haircut or a wax.

Estelle Oliveri

Estelle Oliveri


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