Social Media and Return On Investment

Social Media and Return On Investment

Social Media Return On Investment


We all know we need to be on social media…we’re ALL told this…. but why? With so much time and effort put into social media channels day in and day out, it can be very difficult for salons to see a direct return on investment (ROI).

As passionate as I am about social media and my involvement in creating marketing campaigns that generate RESULTS, the reality is, posting images of your beautiful before and after shots on social media does not provide you with direct information of how you’ve acquired a new client (unless a new client informs you directly they’ve discovered you via your social media posts).  The job of generic posting to your social media pages is to engage your existing clients between appointments and show potential new clients you are active, trustworthy and open for business.

So how do you create an ROI for your efforts?  You need to create MARKETING CAMPAIGNS that include multiple touchpoints to help individuals make the decision to walk through your door.  Individuals need to see your business many times through different forms to build trust.  Generic posting alone to social media does not cut it.

A great marketing campaign for a salon will include a bunch of the following:

Offline Marketing

  • In-house Flyer handed to existing clients
  • A1 Sized Poster on salon window
  • A-Frame outside salon showcasing campaign
  • Cross-promotion with surrounding businesses (or flyers provided to give to their customers/clients)
  • Local radio station advertisement
  • Local Magazine articles and ads

Online Marketing (based on today’s top working features)

  • Email campaign to database
  • Facebook Chatbot campaign to existing Facebook fans
  • Educational Facebook & Instagram videos
  • Facebook & Instagram stories
  • Facebook Advertising Campaign to targeted demographic
  • Facebook Event to create a buzz around your campaign
  • Google Posting Campaign
  • Blog Article on website
  • Posting Offer in Facebook Group to existing clients

Out of all the online marketing options available to you, the three online marketing strategies we see at Hairpin Digital that generate a direct ROI, contains a mix between –

Educational FB & Instagram Videos (showcasing HOW to achieve a RESULT your target audience desires)

Blog Article on Website (accompanied by FB & Instagram Video, blog articles solidify the stance on your offer) and

Facebook Advertising (where the campaign links to a Facebook Chatbot and online booking system)

These three online marketing strategies are harder to create, hence why so many salons DO NOT DO THEM.  However, when a salon does invest the time, expense and energy to create a meaningful video, write a supportive article and setup a strategic Facebook Advertising Campaign, they not only outshine competitors, but can calculate a direct ROI through the metrics within Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manger and Facebook and Instagram Insights.

This is not to say you should turn your back on other online and offline marketing tactics, the above just provides you with measurable insights to determine if a marketing campaign is generating results.

As seen in Hair Biz Magazine Year 12 Issue 5

Instagram Influencers and marketing campaigns

The involvement of Instagram influencers will help drive traffic to your business to learn more about your salon and marketing campaigns.  Instagram Influencers are a great asset to salons as they help build credibility and trust to viewers. If you’re not working with an Instagram Influencer it is ok.  Whilst Instagram Influencers are fantastic for any business, not every salon has access to one.  If your business is in a regional area it may be exceptionally difficult to establish a relationship with one.  In this instance, it’s best to work with individuals who have major influence within your local community.

If you would like assistance with your next marketing campaign, reach out to the team at Hairpin Digital.  We’ll help you create something unique and compelling to appeal to your desired demographic.

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