Social Media and Sharing

Social Media and Sharing

Everyone has an ego. Some of us have larger egos than others, but none the less, whether people like to admit it or not, we are driven by how others see and perceive us. In social media, we are in control of how people view us. We instinctively want others to see us in a particular way: funny, sexy, inspirational or intelligent.

Social Media and Sharing

This is obvious in the types of photos we post, the videos we like and most importantly, the information that we choose to share with our social media peers.

For example my recent re-post of a video teaching 30 ways to tie a scarf serves the purpose of demonstrating to my mates that I am up with current fashion trends, while also providing my like-minded fashionista friends advice on how to fix their own style.

And… I hope that they see me as cool for sharing it. Likewise, you can be in control of how your clients perceive your business while also providing a platform for them to ‘look good’ in front of their online friends. 


So… Before pressing the ‘post’ button, make sure you are able to answer YES to at least one of the following four questions:

1. Will sharing this content make my client “look good”?

Generally speaking, research has shown women tend to re-share content that makes them look intelligent, whilst men re-share content that makes them “look funny or cool.” How can you make your client “look good” in front of all of their friends?  Hair can be a personal topic. Think about how your post about the hair industry or your team of experts makes your viewer “look good” to others.

2. Will this content evoke a positive emotion, such as happiness or excitement?

If content makes your client feel happy, the chances of it being re-shared, liked or loved are more likely.   Posts that bring smiles to people’s faces take form in positive affirmations, children, funny videos, and good news. What is happening in your salon that can evoke a positive emotion from your client?  A breakthrough in a new product/technology?  A new service?  The results of a treatment?  Maybe the impact of a treatment on one of your client’s lives?  

POST IDEA:  Share an article/video/image on a client that has experienced significant change in their life since changing their hair at your salon.

3. Is this content useful, or does it contain information that has strong practical value?

 You are the expert in everything hair related.  Everything you know about hair IS useful to your client.   Educating your clients on things they can do at home to look after their hair better is valued and appreciated.  We all love to learn new things; this is your opportunity to teach your client something outside of the walls of the salon.

POST IDEA: Share an article, video or image that educates your client on how to create the perfect blow wave at home. 

4. Does the content tell a story in itself or does the content encourage your client to tell his or her own story?

We ALL love stories.  From the age of 18 – 35, we love talking about ourselves, whereas from the age of 35 onwards we love hearing stories about others.  Put ANYONE in the spotlight on Social Media, wrap a story around it and it will receive great engagement. 

Stories are happening EVERYDAY in your salon.  From the triumphs and milestones of your business, the strengths and talents of your staff and exciting moments occurring in your clients’ worlds.

POST IDEA:  Share a picture of one of your staff members.  Talk about what this staff member is particularly good at (colour, cut, style etc), give your audience a taste of their personality: his/her likes and dislikes, hobbies etc.

Make sure the image is high-resolution and your Staff Member LOVES the picture of him or herself.  This is really important, as your staff member will tend to re-share it through their own social media channels which will in-turn extend the reach of the post.

Remember that perception can be your best friend or worst enemy. Take control of how others perceive your salon, staff and product knowledge and give your clients a reason to share it. Most importantly, celebrate your own ego. 

Hair Biz 2016 Year 10 - Issue 5

As seen in Hair Biz Year 10 Issue 5

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