Generation X and the Key to Social Media Success

Generation X and the Key to Social Media Success

Millennials or Generation Y (whichever name you wish to call 23-36ish year olds) always seem to be focus when it comes to social media. With over 5.2 million Millennials in Australia’s this generation certainly do have a firm grasp on digital media.  This group prefers to do their research on businesses online to find what they can before initiating contact.

Generation X Social Media

They read reviews on multiple platforms and (generally speaking) would much rather have a conversation

via a digital interface then talk to a person directly.

When thinking about your business’ appearance, information and interaction on social media, this group certainly are a great target audience to engage with.

However, what about the other 10 million people aged between 37 – 71 who also require hairdressing services?  Where do they fit in to the scheme of things and how can you connect with them digitally?  Not every salon has only Generation Y clients.

To understand how to engage effectively on social media across the different generations is to look deeper into the way the generations respond to traditional and digital marketing.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers (aged between 53 – 73ish) respond well to traditional marketing.  This group are more likely to respond to a brochure/flyer, radio, TV advertising, billboards and static imagery.  In recent years Baby Boomers have circum to social media, enjoying the opportunity to reconnect with long lost friends from the past.  They don’t really understand digital advertising – they see advertising as a disturbance to the newsfeed of images and communication with friends and are less likely to take up an offer presented via social media channels.  At the same time this group are very loyal to businesses they love and respond well to upsells.

Generation X – The lost generation

Not many people talk about Generation X.  This group have managed to slip through the fingers of marketing discussions as they form a hybrid between the Baby Boomers and Generation Y.  Aged between 37-52ish, Generation X are also known as “the bridge”.  This generation are receptive to flyers, radio, billboard and TV advertising, yet were also the first generation to attain a Hotmail account, enjoy Skype, purchase from eBay and surf the World Wide Web.  Generation X are most likely to pick up a flyer from your salon and follow your business on social media.

Being aware Generation X moves fluidly between traditional and digital marketing approaches provides us with insight on how to use social media to expand your business to ultimately reach Baby Boomers and fellow Generation X, and connect with Generation Y.

As Facebook and Instagram algorithms change and impact on the number of people viewing your business and posts online it is important to include a hybrid approach of traditional marketing and digital marketing to drive engagement online.   As a location based business, you have the luxury of asking existing clients to engage with your business digitally… and Generation X are the best advocates to help do this.

Every time Generation X walks into your salon and sits comfortably in the chair, this is a prime opportunity to provide them with a hand-held flyer with a promotional offer that prompts them to DO SOMETHING on a post on your social media page to redeem the offer.

Two things happen when this approach is followed:

1. The promotional offer on the social media page receives engagement from Generation X, which boosts the reach and shows the post to a wider audience online, prompting Generation Y to join in and participate.

2. The hand-held flyer is shared with Baby Boomers and Generation X outside to the salon.  If Baby Boomers are unsure of how to redeem the offer with the required call-to-action on social media, salon staff are there to show them how during their appointment.

This approach works, time and time again.  It also produces MEASURABLE results.  Try it for yourself!  And if it’s all too hard, get professional help.  It’s never too late to start growing your business digitally.

Hair Biz 2017 Year 11 - Issue 3

As seen in Hair Biz Year 11 Issue 3

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