Your Facebook and Instagram Posts Suck! And Here’s Why

Your Facebook and Instagram Posts Suck!  And Here’s Why

Algorithms, algorithms, algorithms…. If you haven’t come across this word in social media workshops, articles and online resources then you’ve been living under a rock.

Everyone feels the effects of the algorithm. It’s when you get excited about posting something you think is great… and yet not one of your clients or followers engage with the content. *Sad trombone….* This can be deflating and disheartening. Or it’s when you post something that rewards your business in online engagement, sales and new clients. Hooray! When this happens, it feels like you’ve won the lottery! And just like a drug, the idea of winning the lottery again is addictive! And yet this happens few and far between non-successful posts. 

Less than 2% of your followers see your posts initially when uploaded online.

The reality is less than 2% of your followers see your post initially when uploaded online. If the first 2% do not engage with your post, than the rest of your followers will not see it. Period. 

This can mean a few things:

1. You post did not stand out in the newsfeed. 

2. Your post was boring. 

3. Your post did not push a call-to-action. 

4. Your post was uploaded at an odd time of day. 

5. Your post shared no relevance with your audience. 

Facebook and Instagram algorithms exist to block out disengaging posts from everyone’s newsfeeds, so the social media channels are not clogged with rubbish. 

As marketers become more savvy in creating engaging posts for businesses, Facebook changes the algorithm. This is becoming more frequent and at the time of writing this article, a change occurred that needs to be considered in post uploads. These changes are implemented into my salon clients’ social media promptly. 

Algorithm changes confuse businesses to make them work harder to reach target audiences online. 

Ultimately, Facebook (now also the owner of Instagram) does not want businesses to understand the algorithm, because they want businesses to PAY for Facebook advertising to reach their target audience quickly and effectively. The reality is that proper Facebook advertising DOES work. As a digital marketing expert, I strongly recommend proper Facebook advertising for salons, as this avenue does engage with a highly-targeted audience and deliver you measurable results. You cannot do this as effectively with boosted posts. 

Every post uploaded on Facebook (or Instagram) can be interacted with your client in the salon. 

Thankfully, outside of Facebook advertising there are other things you can do to combat the Facebook algorithm. One of these things is staring you in the face. Literally. The answer is staring at you in the mirror in your salon chair. Your EXISTING client. Facebook cannot control your ability to engage with clients directly in the salon chair. This works to your advantage as a location based business. Every post uploaded on Facebook (or Instagram) can be interacted with your client in your salon. 

The best posts to encourage your clients to engage online whilst in your salon are promotional posts that require a CALL-TO-ACTION. These are the posts that prompt your client to do something on social media as part of the salon experience. For example, a promotional offer on a flyer handed to your client whilst in the salon should have a clear call-to-action that requires the client to do something on social media to attain the offer.


Want to enjoy $30 blow waves in March? To redeem this offer follow these steps –

1. Book an appointment with us.

2. Comment on our Facebook post “BLOW WAVES” and

3. Prepare to flip your glamorous new do around town!

By encouraging existing clients to participate in your social media promotional offers whilst in the salon, you are able to track measurable results whilst increasing your online exposure beyond the 2% algorithm reach. Make sense?

Social Media Experts continue to push the limits of the algorithm. We are constantly testing, analysing and brainstorming new ways to achieve post success and ultimately attain more clients through your door. If you want your social media to start working effectively for you, get the help you need to make your salon shine. 

Hair Biz 2017 Year 11 - Issue 2

Hair Biz 2017 Year 11 – Issue 2

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