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DAY 1: Social Media 3 month plan

In this session we dig deep into your salon social media and plan 36 relevant posts to be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram and Google+ over the next three months.  You will learn how to structure posts in a way that stay relevant to your existing clients and ideal audience.

You will learn how to think differently about social media, shape and design your posts adequately for branding, plan ahead and schedule your posts like a pro.

Laptop and Mobile Phone required for this session


DAY 2: Promotional Posts

In this session we craft three different promotional posts for your salon using a combination of traditional and digital marketing tactics to reach and resonate with Generation Y, X and Baby Boomers.

These promotional posts are designed to bring sales through your door and measurable results digitally.  You will learn how to think differently about social media and how promotional posts digitally work effectively when pushed from inside the salon.

Laptop and Mobile Phone required for this session.

DAY 3: Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Boosting posts on Facebook is NOT the effective answer to Paid Advertising.  Learn how to advertise your promotional posts effectively in Facebook and Instagram using marketing parameters at a deeper level within Facebook to reach your ideal audience in your geographical location.  The marketing tactics we will be teaching are complex.  Bring your A GAME.  You don’t want to be left behind in this session.

Ready to rumble?  Make sure you download and read What EVERY salon ought to know about social media to get you in the right frame of mind for this workshop.