Your Facebook and Instagram Posts Suck! And Here’s Why


Your Facebook and Instagram Posts Suck!  And Here’s Why Algorithms, algorithms, algorithms…. If you haven’t come across this word in social media workshops, articles and online resources then you’ve been living under a rock. Everyone feels the effects of the algorithm. It’s when you get excited about posting something you think is great… and [...]

Your Instagram Account: How to Turn Viewers into Potential Clients


Your Instagram Account:  How to Turn Viewers into Potential Clients If you are a user of Instagram, no doubt you will be following Instagram accounts that are absolutely ROCKING it! I’m not talking about other salon Instagram accounts, I’m talking about the brands and celebrities YOU love and the businesses you’ve found whilst trolling online. There is something [...]

Social Media and Sharing


Social Media and Sharing Everyone has an ego. Some of us have larger egos than others, but none the less, whether people like to admit it or not, we are driven by how others see and perceive us. In social media, we are in control of how people view us. We instinctively want others to see us in [...]

Your Social Media Edge


Your Social Media Edge It’s Wednesday night. She’s home alone and bored. She picks up her phone and checks into her favourite social media newsfeed. She begins trolling, reading, viewing, liking and commenting. She begins seeing, understanding and learning. Suddenly she’s not so bored… Is it your posts she’s reading? Is it your information she’s learning? [...]