To Boost or Not to Boost? That is the Question

To Boost or Not to Boost?  That is the Question

It amazes me how many salons I see STILL boosting posts on Facebook in a desperate attempt to engage with followers or to potentially reach a new audience.  If you fall into this category of random Facebook boosting, then I want you to STOP! STOP it right now and read this article first.

Facebook Advertising

You may have noticed your posts on Facebook are not organically reaching all of your followers.  In fact, only 2.9% of your followers see your posts in their newsfeed.  This is because individuals on Facebook like 100’s of Facebook Business Pages, and the reality is, if they were seeing posts from every single page that they liked, their Facebook newsfeed would be crammed with business posts and not friends’ posts they really want to see.

To get around this, Facebook (cleverly) decided, that in order for businesses to ultimately reach all of their followers or desired target audiences, they will have to pay for it.  This is where the boost feature came into play.

Boosting posts in ok.  Yes, you can reach all your folowers and desired target audiences… however, you need to think strategically as to what YOU want to get out of your boosted post before handing over your precious money to the social media giant.

The power lies in the simple swiping action of the thumb on a smartphone.

The sad thing with all social media channels is that our ideal client has become painfully immune to advertising and selective as to what they engage with in their newsfeed.  The power lies in the simple swiping action of the thumb on the smartphone; the constant flicking and scrolling through the newsfeed before something entices them to click and learn more.  Therefore, if your boosted post does not ask your followers or target audience to DO SOMETHING before they flick past, then you are missing out.

Entice your viewer to TAKE ACTION on your post

In most instances, salons want sales: return of existing clients or new clients.  To make this happen, you want your viewer to take action on your post and end up in your chair.

So how do you do this?  The answer is to work backwards.

STEP 1:  Think of something that you want your viewers to do.  Think of a clear ‘call-to’action’ to conclude in your post, that will spark the viewer to take action.  i.e. book an appointment at your salon in the quiet month of January.

Here is an example:

Float your way into 2017.

Enjoy a 15-minute luxurious head massage with any appointment in January.  Call us on 9999 9999

Mention the code word: FLOAT

STEP 2: Think of the type of image or video that would work will with your call-to-action.  ie.  A video of a relaxed, happy client receiving an amazing head massage at the basin.

STEP 3: Create the post.

STEP 4:  Now, boost the post to your existing followers or your desired target audience.

The above is a very basic way for you to start seeing measurable results with Facebook.  And yes, it does work when created correctly!

Boosting posts is not the only answer to advertising on Facebook (or Instagram for that matter).  This method is an easy way for everyday businesses to effectively reach their target audience, however it only scratches the surface of social media advertising possibilities.  There are many more, complex ways of advertising that are more effective than boosting posts, which I’d love to discuss with you if you’re ready to take that step.

If you are ready to unlock the power of social media to build your business, get in touch and we’ll create a campaign strategy to achieve your business goals and work within your budget.

As seen in Hair Biz Year 10 Issue 6

As seen in Hair Biz Year 10 Issue 6

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