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Give your business a strong digital presence in 2018

Give your business a strong digital presence in 2018 Online Reviews – absolutely critical to EVERY service based business – whether you are a Hair Salon, Mechanic Shop or Business Coach. Online reviews are WORD OF MOUTH comments captured digitally to inspire someone new, outside the clique of existing [...]

Generation X and the Key to Social Media Success

Generation X and the Key to Social Media Success Millennials or Generation Y (whichever name you wish to call 23-36ish year olds) always seem to be focus when it comes to social media. With over 5.2 million Millennials in Australia’s this generation certainly do have a firm grasp on digital [...]

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Your Facebook and Instagram Posts Suck! And Here’s Why

Your Facebook and Instagram Posts Suck!  And Here’s Why Algorithms, algorithms, algorithms…. If you haven’t come across this word in social media workshops, articles and online resources then you’ve been living under a rock. Everyone feels the effects of the algorithm. It’s when you get excited about posting something [...]

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